Human beings have bodies and minds. Just as our bodies are constantly striving for balance in order to function optimally and to maintain maximum health, so to do our minds strive for balance so that we function optimally in our lives.

The world of the mind is a world of ideas, feelings and meaning; it is the world of our experience. We get up in the morning, have various hobbies, a love life, study certain topics, because these things have meaning for us. Dreams are one way that our minds (or "deeper selves", or "the unconscious" or "the psyche")  strive to maintain a balance in regards to our personalities.

If we have wrong ideas, bad attitudes, limiting beliefs, etc., or repressed parts of ourselves, our lives are affected and we don't function as well as we could. Dreams show us what is missing from our conscious personalities. They also show us what is really going on in our lives, our interpersonal dynamics, our careers, our love lives. 

“Dreamwork” is another term for “dream analysis” or “dream interpretation.” I prefer not to use the term “interpretation” because as a dreamworker, I don't simply tell you what your dreams mean. Dreamwork is a collaborative process between the dreamworker and the dreamer. The dream landscape, including all of the objects and people that appear in it, are mostly a product of your personal psyche as the dreamer, and so we must work together to uncover what they mean to you.

For example, if you dream about a rabbit,  what are your personal thoughts and feelings about rabbits? Perhaps you had a pet rabbit when you were nine years old, or perhaps rabbits remind you of your spouse. What matters is what the rabbit is to you.


Once we uncover your associations for a dream object, we then see what it's doing in the dream, and meaning starts to emerge. Then the question is, "What in my life does this remind me of?" Dreams are almost always are commenting on your current life.

I became a dreamworker in part because it became evident that I have a natural ability for grasping dream symbolism and tuning into people's psyches. This ability has been enhanced by my countless hours of working dreams and by my studies in depth psychology—having some knowledge about the human psyche, its structures and dynamics, comes in handy. As you share your dream, I tune into the dream and your psyche, and when appropriate, apply specific theories, all of which helps to guide us in the process.

Revealing the meaning of a single dream can greatly impact how you interact with your life and the people around you, empowering you to make better decisions, and sending you on a better trajectory that is in greater alignment with your more complete, authentic self. 

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